In this social media era, everyone wants to be on the top of their respective social media niche. Same goes with Instagram, almost every blogger or business owner wants to get traffic from Instagram to their website. But it is not that easy to generate traffic despite posting regularly and engaging audiences. You have to be more aware of many simple tricks that will help you to achieve your goal. Generating traffic from Instagram is a bit difficult as compared to Facebook and Pinterest. You have to convince your audience to visit you website and there are few simple yet challenging tips for that.

Link your website on Instagram: The foremost thing to do is to link your website on Instagram. You can link it directly or create a short URL with the help of Bitly tool. This tool helps you to see how many people clicked through your link. While creating a short URL make sure that your landing page is responsive and mobile friendly.

Link from your Instagram Bio: Next step after creating your link is to know where you can place it so that people can easily click on it. Instagram provides a place where we can easily create a clickable link and that is in the bio. You can easily edit your link as many times as you need to, whenever you run a new campaign you can change the link.

Build a creative call to action (CTA):  You need to be much capable of directing traffic to your website with only one link. Since there are many who can’t see your bio link as they randomly come up to your post, so now your post must be that much convincing that the visitor can go to your profile and click on the post to know further. The better you will be able to attract the viewers to click your link the better you are going to bind in your CTA.

Instagram stories: It is again a great medium to generate good traffic from Instagram on your website. Make your stories most interesting and encourage users to connect with you directly. Your stories will last for 24 hours and you have enough time to let people know about your product.

Hashtags: The most important and quite effective trick to drive traffic from Instagram on your website is the use of hashtags. You have to be more careful while selecting hashtags for your post as they help you to make them discoverable on Instagram. Make sure that your hashtags must be relevant to your stories and directed to your audience.

Go with advertising: One of the ultimate traffic generating practice is Instagram advertising. As we know that ads are highly targeted and they can easily engage users directly to your websites. It is one of the best platforms to generate traffic.

So above are some really important tips and tricks to drive traffic from Instagram on your websites. If you are using some other tricks then do share with us in the comments down below.

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