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We all have been witnessing this fact that internet plays a major role in our lives. At somehow it makes most of our tasks very easy  like we can chat with our friends and families, watch movies, serials, learn whatever we want to learn, do shopping. In short it’s like a part of our daily routine tasks. Government in many country like ours have installed public WiFi booths so that people can enjoy free internet service. Free WiFi is great but can you ever thought about how safe it is?

So here i’m going to share some basic and important points that you should keep in mind whenever you find any open WiFi connection:

1. Don’t use Net-Banking: While shopping online it is advisable to use your mobile internet traffic instead of WiFi. It becomes easy for the hacker to hack your account details if you opt any free WiFi network.

2. Switch off the WiFi when you are not using it: By doing this you will easily address three major issues and the primary one is that you are going to save your device battery, you easily avoid any connection to false network and third thing is that you don’t receive any spam mail.

3. Try to connect using VPN: It will help you to connect through virtual server, by doing this your IP is protected online.

4. Never let your device to remember any free network:  Most of the times we have seen that people let their devices connect to any free network and then forget to remove when it used. If you are not doing it then frauds could create their own access point with the same name and it becomes easy to get access to your profile.

5. Be aware to the name of the network: keep an eye on the name of the network that you are going to connect because hackers often use similar name as of network. It confuses users and they opt for the wrong network.

6. Install liable antivirus: If you really want to save your device from any false network then go for a premium antivirus which would let your device to fight any malware. Be sure to update it regularly.

7. Always choose network with two step authentication: It is advisable to choose a hotspot that requires you to enter a code to your phone that is sent as a text message.

8. Use encrypted passwords: If you want to store your password on any media device, try to keep it encrypted.

9. Check the URL of website: Examine the authenticity of website’s URL, if you want to make any transaction always use secure connections. Make sure that the URL should start with HTTPS rather than HTTP.

So these are the 9 important points to remember while connecting to any free WiFi. You have to be more clear about the pros and cons before joining any network.

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