Home is not a place… it’s a feeling…

As we are approaching the modern era, we have left behind many beautiful and soothing things like our gardens, playgrounds, kitchen gardens etc. In big cities, you will hardly go to find any one of these as there is not much space there. We are mainly living in apartments and it becomes difficult to find a space with full of greenery. The only place that we found are the balconies and it’s pretty much easier to bring the charm and beauty of outside world into our apartments.

It is pleasing to give some moment to yourself after finishing a hectic day at work. It is necessary to have a sweet corner that belongs to you only where you can relax and have a sip of your favorite tea or coffee. Balcony surpasses that need of yours. Here are some best balcony decorating ideas for small space.

Home is where the heart is…








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