If you have a website then you must have Google Analytics code placed on your website. This is required to monitor the traffic that is coming to your website. Sometime you have witness a referrer traffic that are coming from some source and that is called spam. I do face this problem initially I thought that my website was visited by some genuine source. Someday back I face such referrer traffic from copyright.org in my GA account, at first I thought that someone from copyright.org may visited my website but later I came to know that my website was targeted by spammers.

This referrer spam can actually ruin the data and make it complicated to understand the websites information. You can’t be identifying your websites actual bounce rate unless you filter the traffic out. If you are facing this kind of problem then this blog will help you out and show you how to block referral spam copyright.org in Google Analytics.

This problem will easily be solved by a filter named as Campaign Source. Following are the points that you have to implement on you GA account so that you can block all copyright.org referral traffic.

Open your Google Analytics account and go to Admin tab.

Click on Filter tab on the right side in the VIEW section

Click on +ADD Filter button to create a new filter.

In Filter Name section add copyright.org. In Filter Type section select Custom.

In Filter Field select Campaign Source from the list.

In the Filter Pattern text box add copyright.org.

After that click on Save Button.

This is the simplest way to create a filter and block referral spam Copyright.org in Google Analytics account.

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