“To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary to stand out the cold”

Every season has its own charm so as the winter, the most awaited season of the year as it not only brings the cold but also considered the season of festivals and celebrations.  But have you ever notice the chaos that it could inflict on your skin? The cool breezes leave your skin dry, itchy and remove all the essential oils. That is why it becomes your prior responsibility to maintain your skin. So to regain all the glow on your skin here are some winter skin care tips that you must follow during the winter season.

Lukewarm water: The first and the very basic tip are to use lukewarm water whenever you are going to wash your face. But make sure the water should be lukewarm as hot water dries up your skin very easily and your skin can develop cracks. After washing your face use a nice moisturizer that will help to prevent skin dryness.

Stay hydrated: This is one of the important tips for skin care regime to remain hydrated and it applies for all seasons and almost all skin type. As you know that in winters water evaporates from the body because of the dry air. Now it becomes very important to keep your skin hydrated in this atmosphere. You should maintain regular fluid intake as it is quite difficult for winters because you won’t feel thirsty.

Skin care products: The most vital winter skin care tip is to choose your skin care products very wisely. There are many products available in the market but while buying them you should know that what kept your skin happy in winters. The products that you are using in summers won’t fit in winters and the vice-versa. Use mild skin care products like cream, lotions and light moisturizers for your healthy and glowing winter skin that will help in repairing the moisture barrier of your skin.

Go for natural skin care ingredients: If you are not comfortable in spending your money in buying any products then you can easily opt for homemade skin care products like masks and face packs. In winters you need to maintain the moisture level of your skin and for this, things like banana, honey, and jojoba oil go very well and help you to be with your glowing skin.

Opt for daily skin care routine: It is very simple to make your skin happy and healthy in any season is to follow your skin care regime regularly. Clean your face twice a day in the morning and before going to bed with a nice face-wash. You can use a light moisturizer in the morning and a night cream in the evening.

Eat healthy: The best thing to look fresh and glowing is to follow a diet that is healthy for your health. If you are not healthy from inside it won’t matter what products and skin care regime you are using. So to avoid any kind of dullness eat healthy add fresh fruits and salads in your diet make sure they are seasonal. A healthy skin resides in a healthy body so; make a habit to eat well.

In winters your skin needs some extra care because oil and sweat glands constrict a bit and these winter skin care tips are not difficult to follow, Make a routine and you will surely see a huge difference in your skin.


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