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My Recovery Journey from COVID – The Invisible Monster

With all the precautions and following all the protocols yet somehow, I managed to contact the virus. After getting the symptoms like sore throat and fever I immediately contacted my doctor and isolate myself.  I started my medication the day I had a fever for the first time and got my RT-PCR test done. My fever was under check by the 3rd day but my RT-PCR report came only after 5 days and I was detected Covid +ve. Although I was pretty sure that it was COVID but just like any other person I was

Amazing health benefits of drinking warm water

Water! The most needed element of our lives, our body is made up of seventy percent of water, well that we all know. Apart from it, there are many miraculous features of water that unravel a lot of health issues. While waking up in the morning most of us like to drink tea or coffee while some like to drink water. But have you thought if the water is warm then what great effects it leaves on your body. So in this blog, we are going to discuss some amazing health benefits of drinking warm

5 Vital Food Items That’ll Help to Boost up Your Immunity

Immunity is the natural defence system of our body that will help you to reduce the odds of getting sick. To strengthen up your immunity system one must adopt a healthy lifestyle. By healthy lifestyle we mean you should adopt certain practices in your daily life like proper sleep, regular exercise, meditation to control your stress and above all your diet. Food is one of the main aspects that will always help to boost up the immunity which facilitates to beat the flu and viruses like