If you are a woman then you’re familiar with the menstrual cramps during those days. Well, menstrual cramps may vary from person to person, some experience acute pain while others may barely experience it.  Most of the times if we can’t handle the pain we opt for some pain relief tablets for our routine work. But it’s also a fact that these pain relieving tablets may also have some sort of side effects on your body. That’s where Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch comes in.

These are 100% natural without any chemical and works like a wonder during those difficult days. You don’t need to carry any hot water bottle or pills with you; natural relief from period cramp is here.


More about Sirona

 These pain relief patches relaxes your muscles and provide a discreet, continuous and non-messy relief from muscle cramps and pain. You can easily wear them under your clothes on any social occasions, office, outings etc and can have a relaxed and pain-free day. It mainly works for 12 hours and provides instant relief without any side effect. Due to its long lasting feature, it lasts the entire night; it is also a perfect partner for your long trips.

How to use


Step 1

First, you have to take out the strip from the cover

Step 2

Then gently peel off the protective liner from the cuts in the middle

Step 3

Dry the application area before use and then place it uniformly over the pain affected area mostly lower abdomen or lower back.

Step 4

If applied on hair remove slowly with hot water and then after use dispose of it in the bin.

 Packaging and Price

 These pain relief patches come in a pack of 5 strips with zip packaging that will help to keep the remaining patches perfect in shape. You can easily buy Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch on Amazon-website at affordable price.

Amazon-link: https://amzn.to/2PfAkyM

Price: Rs 735/- (20 Patches, 4 pack-5 patches each).

My Experience

I like the Sirona Pain Relief Patch; it is a good product with no side effects. But the only problem that I faced was at the time of removing the patch. Other than that it works perfectly on my cramps and provides a long time relief in the pain. If you are travelling or at work then these patches are perfect for you.

Say bye to your period pain with this amazing and highly affordable Sirona Feminine Pain Relief Patch. It really acts like magic during those difficult days. So whether you or your loved ones have been searching for some natural pain relief then Sirona is here for you.

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