“The Best Style in Winter is Warmth…..”

Winter! It is a season of warmth, cool breeze, snow, festivals and much more. Apart from all this, it is a season of stylish winter outfits that are being stacked in our wardrobes. Winter wears not only enhances the look of a person but also restores the elegant style statement. Shops are filled with amazing bright colors of woolens that makes this season more appealing. However, the season is filled with love and warmth but the proper care of expensive woolens becomes the toughest task for everyone. Unlike other fabrics such as cotton, silk etc woolens require special care and handling. It becomes a task to rejuvenate the newness and appeal of the fabric.  So to overcome all these difficulties here are some extremely important tips to take care of woolens.

Proper maintenance: Woolens amass a lot of dust and are easily susceptible to moths, so the best and the easiest way to keep woolens clean is to brush them after every wear. Make sure to clean them on regular basis to regain their freshness and comfort.

Gentle washing: Woolens needs mild washing, they don’t require machine wash. Hand-washing is the best way to take proper care of your trendy woolens. Make sure to use the right kind of detergent for washing your woolens. There are detergents that are completely made for washing woolens products.

Right drying: You should dry your woolens in a proper manner, never hang your woolen because they soak a lot of water and by hanging them their fabric got stretched and your outfit will easily lose its shape. The best way to dry your woolen garments is to lay them on the flat surface at the room temperature and that too away from sunlight and heat.

Ironing your woolen: Don’t iron your woolen garments when they dry, instead of ironing use steam heat when pressing. Make sure to keep your woolen inside-out while pressing and always set your iron on wool mode before pressing.

Storing the woolen: The biggest and most important tip to know about woolen care is how to store them? Storing them in the right place is also as significant as cleaning them. Make it clear to hang mothballs in your wardrobe as the woolens get easily exposed to moths.

Hope this blog helps you to maintain your woolens in this winter; if you are using some other hacks feels free to let us know in the comment section.

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