5 Vital Food Items That’ll Help to Boost up Your Immunity

Immunity is the natural defence system of our body that will help you to reduce the odds of getting sick. To strengthen up your immunity system one must adopt a healthy lifestyle. By healthy lifestyle we mean you should adopt certain practices in your daily life like proper sleep, regular exercise, meditation to control your stress and above all your diet. Food is one of the main aspects that will always help to boost up the immunity which facilitates to beat the flu and viruses like “coronavirus”. Feeding your body certain food may help to keep your immune system strong. Here in this blog we’ll share a list of five food items that will surely help to boost up your immunity.



Turmeric is the main food item that will help to boost up our immunity system; this is because it contains 3-5 % of Curcumin and Curcumin is filled with healing properties that help to fight against viral replication.


Ginger is immensely filled with immune-boosting benefits, because of its antibacterial feature. It helps to kill cold viruses and eliminate congestion.  Apart from it, ginger is also a natural blood thinner that helps to improve blood flow.


Jaggery is made up of unrefined sugar and is way better than white sugar. It helps to clean the liver and acts as a detox by flushing out nasty toxins from the body. With the regular intake of jaggery in our food, your immunity becomes strong and you can easily resist against any infection.


Pomegranate is filled with vitamin C and antioxidants that help to boost your immune system. As it is high in fiber it supports healthy cholesterol and blood sugar level.



Orange is rich in vitamin C because of this feature it helps to boost immunity by providing essential nutrients to the immunity system. Your body constantly produces new white blood cells to maintain your immune system and vitamin C rich fruit plays a vital role in it.

To keep your immune system healthy it is important to eat right. So above are some of the food items that will help to increase your immunity.


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