8 Essentials that you must keep inside your bag

“If you are sad, add more lipstick and attack. – Coco Chanel”

Be it a professional makeup user or a normal girl who love to do makeup there are some essential beauty products that one should carry in their bags. You should never know that what life throws you may b you got an interview call, or you have to go on some professional meetings or just hanging out with friends, some makeup essentials should be there.  So here are some major important items that are must in your bag.

Lipstick/Lip balm: One of the favourite makeup essentials of a woman is lipstick, just one stroke of it make you feel bright and refreshed to kick start your day. So it is best to keep one nice lipstick and lip balm with you so that your lips look soft and supple always.


BB Cream: It acts as a saviour, from moisturizing; to overall coverage to hiding blemishes BB cream is the one in all. It is a must-go item in your bag it plays a role of multi-tasker.


Face Wash: The most important item that you should carry in your face wash, with it, you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated at anywhere and anytime. Be it your important meeting or some party you are always ready.

Kajal: Now the next item is my personal favourite and whenever I step out of my home, I’ll make sure that kajal is there in my bag. It helps to make you look more beautiful and adds charm to your personality.

Perfume: Who doesn’t want to smell good and for that perfume is the best option. You should carry a good perfume in your handbag; it always helps to lift up the mood and confidence.

Sanitiser: Again the most important item that you must carry with you is the sanitiser; it helps you to be hygienic and healthy. Carrying it ensures that one is free from any germ attack.

Hairbrush: Always carry a comb or hairbrush with you; it will help you to manage your hair in place. It hardly matters how you look if your hair is unruly.

Sanitary napkins:  Last but not the least item is sanitary pads, like kajal I can’t move from my place without a sanitary napkin. It becomes an essential element in my bag, one should carry this, and you don’t know when and where you need it. So if there is a spare sanitary napkin in your bag then you are sorted out.

These are some basic essentials that you should keep in your bag and be ready for any situation. If you have some other items that I may skip kindly mention it in the below comment section.


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